Mookho Moqhali (LS)

Mookho Moqhali (LS)


Mookho has been the senior legal officer for the Ministry of Health since 2009 and worked as the legal aide counsel in 2008. She was first involved in the litigation of both criminal and civil cases against/for persons who cannot afford legal fees.

She’s had a substantial contribution in the legislative and regulatory interventions made within the Ministry of Health to influence public health laws and policies. Mookho is the founder of the Alliance Against Tobacco Use (AATU).

Its objectives include building capacity in Lesotho for effective tobacco control implementation and eradication of non-communicable diseases. She studied Global Health Law in Australia, Corporate Governance and Ethics at the University of Pretoria, and Leadership Engagement and Development in India.

Upon completion of the Fellowship, Mookho plans to continue with her work on empowering Basotho people, advocating on death, disease and disability caused by non-communicable diseases, and eradication.